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What is Yardstick Engage?

Yardstick Engage is an online panel – a highly engaged and responsive database of your most valued consumers, users, and communities. We reach out to them on your behalf and conduct research, but it doesn’t end with surveys. We also have capabilities to conduct online focus groups, town halls, and other qualitative methodologies. Benefit from ongoing engagement with a growing user base, easier recruitment, and increased scope and segmentation (plus live reporting!).

What can Engage do for your organization?

Whether you need a single research project or an ongoing pulse check for your community, Engage can fuel your initiative with our diverse and motivated user base. Start with:

  • Ongoing engagements: Your organization can run multiple yearly engagements to ensure ongoing communication with your community, gaining important insights on your key priorities.
  • Panel subscription: As the panel database builds over time, so does the value of conducting research through it. Lock in a set of engagements with a multi-year scope to benefit from the growth of Engage and seeing how your community responds to changes over time.
  • Multi-community engagements: Compare yourself to other communities in our multi-topic engagement.
  • Online focus groups: Now people can participate from the comfort of their living room! A moderated focus group through our panel platform, designed to capture unique insights from a smaller group of respondents.

Why build a panel with Yardstick Engage?

  • Cost effective engagement about important issues
  • Make more informed decisions that will shape your community
  • Gain quick and reliable feedback on questions that really matter
  • Build a deeper relationship and rapport with your residents, members, clients, and other stakeholders
  • Recruit participants for AGMs, Town Halls, and Open Houses with less effort
"Without data, you’re just another person with an opinion"- W. Edwards Deming

Survey in Qualtrics. New data collection software makes the process smoother.

  • Real-time tracking
  • A topline summary provided within 24 hours of a survey closing
  • Fully responsive – mobile friendly
  • Respondents can complete the survey via web link, sent by email or SMS text

Customized to fit the needs of your organization

  • Understand the key issues at a glance – you can quickly see what is being said
  • Use email, social media, direct mail, and other methods to recruit more respondents
  • Slice and dice data to understand differences and learn what drives or motivates your community
  • Data can be dry, make it easy with simple to understand visual infographics

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